The healing powers of music are far-reaching, and that’s clear in Sheena Grobb’s work. With multiple music award nominations, 3 albums and hundreds of shows across Canada, US, and the UK in her back pocket, Sheena has garnered a dedicated following. Since speaking on TEDxWinnipeg about her multiple sclerosis diagnosis at 16, Sheena has also become a health coach and Song Healer, inspiring others to listen to their bodies and express emotions to help overcome their physical fragilities. Motivated by music’s ability to uplift others, Sheena has co-written songs with various communities, youth in schools, and families affected by organ donation through Transplant Manitoba. Her angelic voice, almost quivering on sustained phrases, and intimate lyrics give her a style that’s incomparable and nurturing, filling the heart and soul. This year, Sheena is working on music for TV and Film, and launching her Health and Life Coaching practice to be made more widely available. 

"I was introduced to Sheena about a year and a half ago... I literally sat in awe of her with tears rolling down my cheeks. My 12 year old son was simply blown away. She has the voice of an angel and literally reaches into your soul and holds you captivated. You will simply leave a better person than you came." - Wendy Funk (listener and audience member) 





Every once in a while, the universe gives birth to a songbird... a certain kind of songbird. The kind who sings a song unknown to most, but resonant with everyone in some way. It’s a familiar song because the notes are like a code to the soul, and the voice its precious carrier.Sheena’s voice has been compared to greats like Sarah McLachlan, Eva Cassidy, and Norah Jones, although the delicacy with which she almost whispers at times... quivering on gently sustained phrases unique and sweet... creates a sound that is unmistakably hers. 

Right from the age of two, the gift Sheena Grobb possessed was beginning to show. A voice so pure, it pierced through crowds and rose above conversations. Sheena could silence a room, even as a child. Her mother’s passion for music was so strong, that singing and playing became as natural as breathing to Sheena. But her skills alone were not what created the songwriter in her. It was the loss of her greatest influence at 8 years old – the passing of her grandmother – that produced emotion so big, that only song could penetrate its depths. And so at 10 years old, Sheena began to write the first of her songs. 

Though Sheena sensed her destiny – as did others around her – debuting her first EP Safe Guarded Space on the main stage of the Winnipeg Folk Festival, followed by a nomination for a Western Canadian Music Award in 2007, there was also a dark cloud looming on her horizon. Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at 16, Sheena learned early that even the most precious of gifts can be lost so quickly. The delicate nuances of her classical piano training and self taught guitar skills vanished for one life-altering month after her first album was released. She struggled for many years to overcome the fears of her own deterioration, and thanks in part to the undying efforts of close friend Kim Nozick, she spent much of her creative energy delving into the inner world of her emotional, physical and spiritual health. 

Even still, Sheena released MFM supported album Grow in 2010, produced by 11 time Juno nominee Dan Donahue. Recovering her health remained her primary focus, and despite minimal touring, she attracted the attention of Lindsay Nelko (previous choreographer for So You Think You Can Dance) who produced a music video for song Get Out Alive, in which two of the show’s star dancers Kathryn McCormick and Robert Roldan appeared. 

In 2011, Sheena was approached by a couple, Les and Terry Weins, who were deeply impacted by her performance at the Winnipeg Folk Festival in 2006 – so much so, that it prompted them to organize an event to fund another album. It became the gift that would keep Sheena anchored to her music, despite her own reluctance to continue. Three years later, Sheena is released The Breakless Heart (Sept 2014). She chose to work with Ervin Bartha at ClearLightSound - an independent home studio with a Kawai 6’1” grand piano and a “creative vortex” as Sheena calls it. Believing in her music and her message so much, after a laboursome three years in the making, Ervin boldly emailed the engineers at Abbey Roads Studios in London to see if they would master the project. They took one listen to the title track and agreed. 

“It is without a doubt a masterpiece of songwriting and soundscape.  Really incredible, soulful music.  She will definitely get a huge audience in time, trust me."  - Alex Wharton, Abbey Road Studios 

As her music continues to pick up steam, having worked with Nashville Multi Platinum Producer David Kalmusky (Journey, Emerson Drive, Vince Gill) as well and Winnipeg's own Murray Pulver and Roman Clarke, Sheena is busy writing new material for her fourth album.  Check out Sheena’s collaboration written and performed with YouTube sensation Maria Aragon called “Asking You”. 

Currently Sheena is busy launching a Health Coaching practice that supports others - newly diagnosed with MS - through the transformation that helped her overcome her most significant challenges, build deeply connected relationships, and allow her to pursue her purpose with music without fear.  Health Coach by day... Illuminated Musician by night.  Healer and artist.  Perhaps they are one and the same.
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Genre: Pop
Sub Genres: Adult Contemporary / Folk / Lyrical
Influences: Loreena McKennitt, Sarah McLachlan, Tori Amos, Damien Rice, Ani Difranco, Alanis Morissette

Sheena's mastering engineer on The Breakless Heart, is Alex Wharton. Alex has remastered The Beatles and John Lennon, mastered number one albums by Keane, Radiohead, Massive Attack, and Coldplay among many others. His direct summation of Sheena's album and music is as follows:

"It is without a doubt a masterpiece of songwriting and soundscape.  Really incredible, soulful music.  She will definitely get a huge audience in time, trust me."  - Alex Wharton, Abbey Road Studio

"Sheena Grobb's sophomore LP, the aptly titled Grow, is a powerful, beautiful and important record — these are some of the most personal songs a Winnipeg singer/songwriter has performed in a long time. Grobb’s velvety vocals float easily over the acoustic guitar and piano-based compositions, and her lyrics are as comforting as they are empowering. Her vocals shine over the sparse instrumentation of tracks such as Careless and Shoelace & Velcro, and work equally well in upbeat pop songs such as the Beatles-esque Diggin’ In."  - Nick Friesen, Uptown Magazine

"Dulcet tones and sweet melodies underline Sheena Grobb’s passion and talent.  She blew Brandonites away"  - Brandon Sun Performance Review

"Grobb's courage to step out of the safe spaces pays off with poetic lyrics, varied styles, syncopated rhythms, beautifully discordant piano stylings, jazzy guitar licks and a breathy, pure and powerful voice. Musically, Safe Guarded Space is stunningly diverse, with flowing quartet accompaniment, classical guitar sequences, funky drumming and Grobb's unique and soothing vocals and harmonies."  - Herizons Magazine,  Album Review

"Sheena Grobb is one of the best songwriters I have ever heard!"  - Legendary Radio Host Howard Manshein

"If you aren't already familiar with Sheena's music, Google her and have a listen. Outstanding. Having her perform in your home would be incredible."  - Laurie Mustard, Winnipeg Sun

"A rising star amongst Canadian singer-songwriters, Sheena Grobb is headed out on a tour with Montréal's Allison Lickley in advance of the release of her sencond album, which should be out by the end of the summer.  Not only is Grobb's newest album anticipated, but it's pretty much a lock that this show will be awesome." - Edmonton Vue Weekly

"Sheena Grobb is in the spotlight tonight!  The Winnipeg Folk Festival's Winter Wassail will honour British troubadour Billy Bragg and spotlight Sheena Grobb (right)."  - Carolin Vesely, Winnipeg Free Press

"The (Women's History Month Kick Off) event featured a performance by singer, songwriter, pianist and guitar player Sheena Grobb, a rising musical star with a deep commitment to women’s issues.  “While we look back with pride this month on the many accomplishments of women over the years, we are also encouraged by the passion and energy of those who continue to strive to achieve social change locally, nationally and globally,” said Honorable MP Nancy Allan.  “Sheena’s strong, beautiful voice complements the strength of her commitment to women’s issues such as breast cancer and violence against women.” – The Winnipeg Free Press


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