SPECIAL OFFER: Send a Digital Download of "The Breakless Heart" for $7.77
  • SPECIAL OFFER: Send a Digital Download of "The Breakless Heart" for $7.77
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SPECIAL OFFER: Send a Digital Download of "The Breakless Heart" for $7.77

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Hi Friend,

No one would blame you if you're just not in the Christmas spirit this year. Truthfully, I had a hard time finding the motivation to make this offer to the world. 2020 has felt so strange. That was... until a friend messaged me, and reminded me of what it's all for.

Don't ever underestimate what the simplest of gestures might mean to someone, this year especially. Did you appreciate listening to "Gonna Make It"? Maybe you know someone else who needs to hear it too. If you're needing a simple gift idea as Christmas quickly approaches, consider this offer.

Give a Digital Download of "The Breakless Heart" for $7.77

Downloads will be emailed on Christmas morning with a special message for the lucky recipient!

Here's how it works:

  1. Proceed to complete your transaction for $7.77 using your preferred payment method. (A portion of proceeds will go towards purchasing instruments for children in need, so feel free to make a donation if you can. Price is adjustable.)

  2. Before completion, in the "NOTES" section, add the name and email address of the person to whom you wish to send the digital download.

  3. In your note, include a special message you'd like to share with your recipient (see example below to help you!)

Your friend or loved one will receive the music and your message in time to feel your love this Christmas.

Offer ends at 7pm on Dec. 24th.

Example of what message will look like:


You've been sent a digital download of Sheena Grobb's album "The Breakless Heart" from (YOUR NAME).  

Enjoy the music!  

Love Sheena :)

"I just wanted you to know I was thinking of you. One of the things I'm so grateful for is how kind and thoughtful you are towards others (or insert what you'd like to say here).  I'm not sure you'll ever know how much you are appreciated.  May these songs remind you of how important you are to me, and so many others.  Love to you.  

Merry Christmas! - YOUR NAME" 

Feel free to customize your message however you'd like! Please email sheena@sheenagrobb.com if you run into any problems or need to provide further clarification on your order. Happy to help!

Merry Christmas. We made it here together.

Love, Sheena

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