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OPTION 1: Join the GRACE Wait List and be entered to win FREE Coaching!

Join the GRACE Wait List and be entered to win the coaching package: "GRACE: How To Turn Your Biggest Challenge into your Greatest Ally" 90 Day Transformation... for FREE!
Though I’m a certified teacher in Manitoba, the work I do with clients falls under the umbrella of “Health Coaching”. This can mean a wide variety of aspects of your health, including emotional wellness education, building/maintaining healthy and fulfilling relationships, and support for addictions, trauma, and grief. It is really led by what you express is your greatest need, worry, obstacle, or challenge. We start there. I teach a wide variety of communication skills, health practices, tools to strengthen your emotional awareness, and other useful wellness practices you may have never been taught. I am not a registered psychologist or therapist. The role of a Health Coach is much more collegial... I am a support and a constant in your life. A listener and an encourager. I teach what has worked for me... what I feel has saved my life in many instances. And I listen... I help others overcome the blocks preventing them from living and thriving in their lives. I help clients learn to listen to their bodies, and become confident to share what they feel with those they truly trust. Among other things, but this is where we begin...
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OPTION 2:  Let's do a trade!

Do you feel like you or someone you love could benefit from GRACE 90 Day Transformation package, and you would like to do an exchange?  Do you have a cabin or secluded space in nature where I could record some music during the months of April, May or June?   Feel free to message me at sheena@sheenagrobb.com so we can chat!






OPTION 3:  Tell me your story, and skip the GRACE Wait List! 

I’m extending the third spot to one person remaining on my GRACE Wait List who is willing to tell me their story.  This spot is available at my "Friends and Family" rate.  Fill out the form below to qualify! 

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